Landlords: Why Maintaining Your Rental Property Is So Important

published on 23/05/2017  

With our many years in the business, we know that the majority of landlords with a property portfolio want their properties maintained to the highest standard.  However, if a tenant is unaware of their responsibilities with regards maintaining the property, the landlord will be faced with serious issues. If you are a landlord, here are some tips on the actions you can take to minimise any problems in the future.

Don’t Avoid Repairs
Fixing a problem early ensures that you will have far fewer problems in the future, this cause a lot less hassle and will be a lot cheaper for you in the long run. Aim to have a maintenance schedule for your properties and check each property at least once a year.

Staying aware
Your maintenance checks should be thorough, and you should keep any eye out for any problems which could occur in the future. If any repairs don’t need immediate attention, include them in the schedule of works and ensure you arrange with the tenant to return at a future date.

Informing your tenant
Ensure your tenant is aware of the maintenance and preventative measures they can take themselves to minimise future problems.  For example, condensation in rented properties is a major problem and can cause serious damage. Advise your tenant that windows should be opened in bathrooms and kitchens to prevent condensation building up on the windows, walls and ceiling.
Ask your tenant to keep an eye out for damp in wardrobes and cupboards. These are often overlooked spots but can cause serious damage if left unchecked.

How Can We Help?
As specialist property management agents, we know how much of a headache it is for landlords to maintain their property portfolios.  For this reason, we provide a full property management service so that you don’t need to worry. Part of our service includes conducting maintenance checks on your property, managing any repair works and liaising with the tenant. We also help tenants by showing them the actions they can take to minimise the need for repairs in the property.

Want To Know More?
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