Property Lettings - Why Do We Do It?

By Clive Summer published on 15/09/2017  

As a family-run business, we make sure that you get the best possible professional service backed up by fully qualified staff who can take you through every stage of the renting process with complete transparency on fees and paperwork.Today we are still the only specialist lettings agency in Pinner. We know the lettings market inside out, which gives us the advantage when matching tenants to the r Tags: Property Lettings, Lettings, Rentals, Pinner

Barbara Wins Best Customer Service Award From All Agents UK!

By Clive Summer published on 29/08/2017  

Our letting agent Barbara Beaber is one of Paige & Petrook’s longest serving team members, she’s a highly experienced Lettings Negotiator who enjoys helping tenants find the right home and landlords the right tenant. So, it’s no wonder that she won the Best Letting Agent in Pinner in the AllAgents 2017 People Awards for Customer Experience. Since her win, we decided to have a Tags: Letting Agents, Paige & Petrook, Pinner, All Agents, All Agents Review

Celebrating 50 Years of Service

By Clive Summer published on 09/08/2017  

50 years’ ago saw the launch of Concorde, the creation of the fantastic Beatles’ album St Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band and the launch of our lettings & property management agency in Pinner - Paige & Petrook! How have we lasted so long in the business we hear you ask? In this article, we thought we’d tell you a bit more about our business and how we’re celebrating Tags: Landlords, Property Management Agency, Property Management, Rentals, Lettings, Pinner

Landlords: How to add value to your rental property

By Clive Summer published on 20/07/2017  

All landlords want to get as much income as they can from their rental property. So why wouldn’t you make some basic improvements to increase its’ value? In this article, we look at factors which could affect the value of your rental and what the actions you can take to increase the value.LocationThe value of a property is greatly affected by its location. The closer your property is t Tags: Rentals, Rental Property, Landlords, Buy To Let, Pinner

Landlords: Why Maintaining Your Rental Property Is So Important

By Clive Summer published on 23/05/2017  

With our many years in the business, we know that the majority of landlords with a property portfolio want their properties maintained to the highest standard. However, if a tenant is unaware of their responsibilities with regards maintaining the property, the landlord will be faced with serious issues. If you are a landlord, here are some tips on the actions you can take to minimise any problems Tags: Rentals, Rental Property, Property Maintenance, Pinner, Lettings

How To Avoid Rogue Landlords

By Clive Summer published on 11/05/2017  

Use a reputable lettings agencyAs a tenant, the best way to avoid rogue landlords is to use an ARLA Propertymark agency such as Paige and Petrook. Your landlord must follow all the correct procedures and ensure you have an agreed tenancy agreement in place. We ensure all statutory Landlord obligations are met.Background checksMost landlords complete background checks on their tenants, so why shoul Tags: Rogue Landlords, Lettings, Rentals, Property Management, Landlords, Pinner

How To Become A Successful Landlord

By Clive Summer published on 16/03/2017  

Treat it like a businessBy doing this you ensure that your tenants will not lose out. We recommend that you set money aside for repairs using your rental income, which we will manage for you. We will also make sure you have a system in place for who your tenant can contact if you are on holiday and repairs are needed to the property. Don’t treat being a landlord as a hobby, as long as you ar Tags: Landlords, Property Management Agency, Property Management, Rentals, Lettings, Pinner

How To Handle Difficult Tenants

By published on 26/01/2017  

Over the years we have met hundreds of tenants and landlords, many of whom have become good friends along the way. On the odd occasion we do come across a ‘difficult’ tenant, however, our experience has taught us how to handle these situations. For the inexperienced landlord, though, it can be stressful, exhausting and even expensive! To ensure you’re not caught out by difficult Tags: Landlords, Property Management Agency, Property Management, Rentals, Lettings, Tenants, Pinner
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