Landlords: How to add value to your rental property

By Clive Summer published on 20/07/2017  

All landlords want to get as much income as they can from their rental property. So why wouldn’t you make some basic improvements to increase its’ value? In this article, we look at factors which could affect the value of your rental and what the actions you can take to increase the value.LocationThe value of a property is greatly affected by its location. The closer your property is t Tags: Rentals, Rental Property, Landlords, Buy To Let, Pinner

Landlords: Why Maintaining Your Rental Property Is So Important

By Clive Summer published on 23/05/2017  

With our many years in the business, we know that the majority of landlords with a property portfolio want their properties maintained to the highest standard. However, if a tenant is unaware of their responsibilities with regards maintaining the property, the landlord will be faced with serious issues. If you are a landlord, here are some tips on the actions you can take to minimise any problems Tags: Rentals, Rental Property, Property Maintenance, Pinner, Lettings