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What’s the value of your money?

There are three things you can do with the money you have. You can spend it, you can keep it or you can make it work for you. If you spend it, it’s gone. If you keep it, it has no value until you spend it. But if you make it work for you, it can make your life easier and look after you in the future. 

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Signet Financial Services

As you’ve come to our website, you’re probably thinking about ways you can make your money work harder or more tax efficiently. If so, we may be able to help you. If you’re interested in savings & investments, pension planning, mortgage advice, private health insurance, financial protection or a total planning package, we can advise you in all of those areas. But why should you choose Signet as your financial planner?

Well, we’ve been helping people like for over twenty-five years. That means we have solid experience and a deep understanding of how financial services can work for you. We’re a small company which means we’re agile, so we respond quickly to new legislation, market changes and fresh opportunities. It also means that you won’t encounter bureaucracy or have to navigate your way through layers of staff. You’ll talk to – and have direct access to – the person who can help you the most. They’ll get to know you, understand what you need and work closely with you. They’ll make sure that you get the financial service that works hard for you and your money. 

Mortgage Advice

As you’re probably aware, getting a mortgage has become increasingly complex over the last few years. Mortgage schemes appear and suddenly disappear, lenders have become much more stringent, while rules and regulations seem to change almost daily.

So, if you’re trying to get a mortgage, how do you navigate this mortgage maze? You don’t. You simply ask us to do it for you. We have the experience to understand how to get the best out of the mortgage market and we keep up-to-date on the continual changes and opportunities. We can help you with residential mortgages and re-mortgaging, with exploring exclusive intermediary deals, with buy to Let mortgages and both personal and corporate and Portfolio refinancing.

If you want to find out more about the financial services we can help you with or to discuss how we can help you with your mortgage, please call Simon Gordon on 020 8455 8555 or at simon@signetfinancialservices.co.uk.

A very professional and personal approach and excellent local knowledge of Pinner and the surrounding areas. We have always been impressed with the attentive and responsive service provided by the Paige & Petrook team.

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