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Suzie Summer MARLA

Director and Owner

After working in the fashion industry Suzie joined Paige & Petrook 27 years ago, working alongside her parents before taking over and running the business with Clive five years later. Today, Suzie is a co-director and provides strong leadership for the team and is a qualified expert in the lettings and property management industry. She leads a dedicated and professional team providing an outstanding service to clients, and customer service to applicants and tenants.

suzie@paigeandpetrook.co.uk | 020 8866 5666

Jessica Summer MARLA


Jessica has over 10 years’ experience in the lettings industry. She is professional, ARLA qualified, organised and has excellent communication skills. She is very passionate about the property industry and is proud to follow in her family footsteps. Jessica enjoys valuing properties, meeting prospective landlords and building long-lasting professional relationships.

jessica@paigeandpetrook.co.uk | 020 8866 5666

Kaaren Rapoport MARLA

Office Manager/PA to Director

Kaaren is highly organised and is enjoying her new role after running our Property Management department for over 8 years. Being more involved with the whole team Kaaren knows how to resolve any concerns they have offering guidance and advice. Having knowledge of Paige and Petrook’s clients and customers helps Kaaren to help and motivate the team whilst also offering Suzie daily support.

management@paigeandpetrook.co.uk | 020 8866 5666

Tanja Maree

Accounts Manager

Tanja is highly organised and has excellent attention to detail which ensures that the accounts department operates in an effective and efficient manner. Tanja enjoys working as part of a valued team to ensure rent collections and all other aspects of finance are perfectly managed.

tanja@paigeandpetrook.co.uk | 020 8866 5666

Carole Howard

Property Manager

carole@paigeandpetrook.co.uk | 020 8866 5666

Shaan Birk

Lettings Negotiator

Shaan has excellent communication, teamwork and organisational skills. She has always had a passion for the property industry and has broadened her knowledge in the industry whilst working at Paige & Petrook. Her main goal is to meet the expectations of our landlords, find homes for our clients and make them feel as comfortable as possible whilst utilising our services.

shaan@paigeandpetrook.co.uk | 020 8866 5666

Samantha De Soysa

Property Manager

samantha@paigeandpetrook.co.uk | 020 8866 5666

A very professional and personal approach and excellent local knowledge of Pinner and the surrounding areas. We have always been impressed with the attentive and responsive service provided by the Paige & Petrook team.

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